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Fishing Lures

All Lures come ready to Fish with Mustad Hooks. Mustad Hooks are the industry standard in quality, reliability, and durability. When you make the best quality product you need the highest quality hooks. 

We have the best quality blanks that replicate the prey fish that Bass love to eat. We only use the Highest quality products from the paint to the lure body. Our lures include shallow diving baits 1.5 Square Bill (3-5 foot), 2.5 Square Bill (4-6 foot), DT 6 ( 6-8 foot), MegaBass SCrank KO (3-6 foot), Medium Divers DT10 (10-12 foot), Wiggle Warts (8-10 foot), lucky craft 2.5 deep diver (10-12 foot), and Deep Diver DT16 ( 16-20 foot). At K&D Lures, we keep it simple, you select the body color and pattern for your needs then we will craft a high quality lure that will land Lunkers again and again. We have our own designed lures ready to ship if you see one that catches your eye. 

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2.5 Square Bill 4-6 foot depth

1.5 Square Bill 4-6 foot depth

Stump Finder 8-10 foot depth

Shallow Crank 3-6 depth

Jerk Baits 2 hooks and 3 hooks. 3-5 foot depth

Flat Side 8-10 foot depth

KD  2.5 DD 10-12 foot depth

KD Crank 3 3 foot depth DT 6 6 Foot depth

KD 10 10 foot depth DT16 16 foot depth

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